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Welcome to the definitive adult soccer online community in Portland, OR.The Portland adult soccer community is vast and is growing every day.

  • Are you looking for a team, players, games?

  • Are you struggling to find subs or goalkeepers?

  • Are you spending too much time texting everyone about their availability?

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Community FAQs

I'm new to the area, how do I get involved?
First up, welcome to Soccer City! πŸ₯³ There's no set way to get involved, so we've written up our recommendation to connect with the community and get you involved.
1. Register with We Are Soccer City
2. Post a message in #introduce-yourself channel and be sure to include your interest and availability
3. Read about player cards - information available below
4. Reply and reply to posts in other threads in We Are Soccer City
Do I need to do anything before playing a game?
Each league/facility is different. We've included links in the section below to help you get on the field without interruption.

How can I invite my team?
We've created an email template for you. Copy/paste and you're off and running!
Hi team!
Instead of an email/text message thread, we're going to use a Slack channel called We Are Soccer City.It's free, and you can use any email account to join. Register at http://wearesoccercity.com/.Please create your account as soon as possible so we can coordinate our next match. Feel free to forward this email to anyone interested in joining the team.Bonus: There is a channel called #last-minute-subs!

How can I organize my team?
Create a channel with your team name. For example: team-kicking-it-pdx
I need a sub, what should I include in my post?Include as many details as possible in your post to help expedite your search.Here's a sample draft to use:
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Facility Name
Position: Goalkeeper
Gender & Division: Multi-gen D2
Player card info: Required

What are profile best practices?Upload a photo of yourself to your profile.Use the Pronouns section of your profile to add your pronouns.Use Full name or Display name to quickly tell the community about your interests.Full name examples:
β€’ Peter Parker (F) Team 616 Manager
β€’ Gwen Stacy (GK) Available to sub
β€’ Mile Morales (M, D) Seeking a team
Display name examples:
β€’ Parker-F-TM
β€’ ghost-GK-sub
β€’ Spin-M-D-available
I have another question, how can I contact you?Reach out via [email protected]

Facility Player Cards & Location

Some leagues and faciliities require a player card. The fees associate with each league and facility vary in price.
To get on the field as quickly as possible, we recommend acquiring your player card online before leaving for the game.
Please let us know if we missed any leagues or facilities that require a player card.
Note: Refer to the OASA league affiliation page for details about using the OASA player card.

OrganizationPayer CardGoogle Maps
Oregon Adult Soccer AssociationRegisterOASA
Indoor GoalsRegisterIndoor Goals
Portland Indoor & The PlexRegisterPortland Indoor - The Plex
Rose City FutsalRegisterRose City East - Rose City West
Tualatin Indoor SoccerRegister In-PersonTualatin Indoor Soccer

Facility and League Promo Flyer

Include this image in an email to your players or print it out and put it on a bulletin board.To save it to your computer, do one of the following.

  • Click and drag the image to your desktop.

  • Right click on the image, then click Save Image.

  • Click on the image to open the flyer, then right click on the image, and click Save Image or drag and drop the image to your desktop.

we are soccer city promotional flyer

Volunteer with We Are Soccer City

The We Are Soccer City community is supported by volunteers. If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, you're qualified! πŸ™ŒHere's how to reach out to an admin.

Sponsor We Are Soccer City

Finding the technologies was easy enough. πŸ€™Connecting all the puzzle pieces together was a labor of love that came to life thanks to years of experience across multiple fields including user experience, UX design, and product marketing.Our approach is to keep costs as low as possible. While automation is cheaper than manual labor, some tools involve recurring costs.If you work for an organization and would like to speak with us about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to Gary Ploski via [email protected]


We Are Soccer City was created by Gary Ploski after hearing about various frustrations from people in the community.Gary is a goalkeeper and team manager based in Portland, OR.Say hi if you see him around town! πŸ‘‹

Tech Stack

Transparency is important to us. So that you can decide where your personal data goes, the following includes a list of all the tools used to support the community.Some tools require a cost to automate the experience.

  • Typeform - 20-40/month – variable fee per new registrations

  • Zapier - 0-30/month – variable fee per new registrations

  • Pabbly - 0-10/month – variable fee per new registrations

  • Brevo - 0-25/month – variable fee per new registrations

  • Slack - Free version

  • Carrd.io - Free version

  • Namecheap - 15/year – annual fee

  • Monthly (low/high) - 21.25/116.25

  • Annual (low/high) - 255/1395


If you're enjoying the community, it's saving you time or reducing frustrations, please consider making a donation. e.g. $1 - $5.

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Community Guidelines

Portland's Online Adult Soccer CommunityHow to be a Great Community Member😍 Jump right in!
πŸ‘€ Ask questions β€” ask for help or advice
βœ‹πŸ½ Ask for feedback, celebrate your wins, shout out your peers
🌲 Give more than you take - answer questions and share experiences
🎁 Thank those who take the time to reply to your posts
πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community
πŸŽ‰ Have a positive attitude β€” be friendly, helpful, and encouraging
☎️ Talk about the community to others, and help grow it
How to be Removed from the CommunityπŸ‘Ή Solicit members with your products and services
πŸ‘½ Be shady - use an avatar instead of a photo of you
πŸŽƒ Fail to include your full name within your profile
πŸ‘» Drop in only to self-promote
πŸ€– Spam or troll other members
πŸ’© Be rude or a jerk
Thanks for joining the community. We’re glad you’re here! We always reserve the right to deactivate accounts at our discretion should you choose not to abide by the spirit of our community guidelines.SLACK SPECIFIC GUIDELINES1. Self-Promotion
Share your events, links, or articles in dedicated promotion channels (#events, #resource). If the links lead to your products or events, disclose that. Do not use Direct Messaging as a channel of acquisition. Don’t answer questions with β€œuse my product”. If anybody sends you a message with an intention of acquisition, let an admin know.
2. Context and Relevance
We encourage you to focus on starting a conversation. Explain why you’re sharing a link, image, or thought, and what other members can learn. Please don't make a post with just a link to something, or a thought with no context.
3. Be Respectful
You should respectfully challenge ideas, and never attack any person for any reason. Help us make sure that everyone feels safe in the community. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments will not be tolerated.
4. Using Channels
#general - discussions and questions that help the entire community
#random - anything goes
#team-yourteamname - create a private channel for your team to coordinate games, subs, share photos, etc.
#event-nameofevent - create event channels to bring together the community around a specific time-based event
5. Respect Privacy
This community is here for everyone to connect and discuss the beautiful game. Please respect everyone's right to privacy online and offline.
6. Admins
If you have a question, suggestions, or would like to speak with an admin, please contact them via Slack.